Here is information about the progress of Kalanjiam School. Take a look.


At Kalanjiam School, we believe in providing quality education that is accessible and affordable for all. Our fee structure is intentionally kept lower than other Islamic schools in Chennai, ensuring that middle-class and underprivileged families can afford a top-notch education for their children. Unlike many schools that cater primarily to the upper-middle and high-class sections, we are dedicated to serving the broader community.

To further support our mission, we offer scholarships to:

  • Single Parent Kids: Providing financial assistance to help alleviate the burden on single-parent households.

  • Orphan Kids: Ensuring that children without parental support can still receive a quality education..

  • Deserving Kids: Offering scholarships based on either family's income or merit and need to support talented and hardworking students.

  • By keeping our fees low and providing these scholarships, we aim to create an inclusive educational environment where every child has the opportunity to succeed and thrive.